2023 Modern Custom Kitchen Cabinet with Island-7
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Australia’s Best Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

2023 Modern Custom Kitchen Cabinet with Island-7

Are you having trouble finding the best Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in Australia? Check out this post to create your dream kitchen. Find and choose a manufacturer to help you design.

The type of kitchen cabinets you choose has a huge impact on the overall appearance, functionality, and durability of your kitchen. Beautiful cabinet decoration may seem like a waste, but it is the most visually striking item in your kitchen. The only way to achieve the ideal look for your kitchen is to work with a reliable kitchen furniture manufacturer. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of well-known Australian kitchen cabinet manufacturers that you can trust to deliver quality designs when you need them.



Location: Showrooms in Perth

Company Classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of Experience: 28+ years

Certification: FSC and ISO certified

The world’s leading manufacturers are based in China. You can’t talk about manufacturing without mentioning China. OPPEIN Home Group Inc., established in China, is a cabinetry manufacturing company that primarily manufactures and sells home furniture.

The company also offers whole-home bespoke services as well as wholesale bespoke wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and interior windows and doors. Oppein kitchen cabinet sales reached 1,047,000 units in 2021. This made the company one of the world’s largest kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

OPPEIN’s kitchen design experts are not only experienced, but have worked on projects all over the world. Therefore, you can trust them to provide great creative insight into any kitchen style you need. Our production team complements that effort by adhering to the highest production standards, ensuring every detail you want in your kitchen exceeds your expectations.

Zeel Kitchens


Alt Text: Zeel Kitchens Company Logo

Locations: Rockingham, WA, Australia,

Business Classification: Manufacturers & Suppliers

Certification: ISO Certified

For over 10 years, Zeel Kitchens has been designing and building award-winning kitchens. Their design concepts address key lifestyle needs, including user-friendly floor plans, optimal use of space and providing suitable storage solutions for a variety of homes. Our innovative design team also stays up-to-date on industry developments, including: B. About material options for kitchen cabinets and appliances.

We work with you to design the ideal kitchen that fits your lifestyle and your home. They pride themselves on quality workmanship and great design. Your kitchen remodel will be expertly handled by the Zeel Kitchens team from start to finish.

Nobby Kitchens


Location: Australia

Business Category: Manufacturers & Suppliers

Experience Years: 80 years

Certification: ISO Certification

Nobby Kitchens is an Australian owned family business since the 1930s. The company is Australia’s leading joinery manufacturer, offering stunningly modern and impactful kitchen designs. My seat is Sydney. We design kitchens that precisely match your design preferences and realize your ambitions.

company has more than 80 years of experience. We offer an incredible range of kitchen design options both online and in our showrooms.

However, the Nobby team understands that each customer has unique needs. Therefore, the company can offer customization options and, if necessary, on-site design consultation to ensure that every detail is exactly how you want it. No wonder they are trusted kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

Damco Kitchens


Certification: ISO Certification

Damco Kitchens is more than just a kitchen company. We are a complete one-stop shop offering a wide range of products and services. Damco Kitchens offers stylish kitchen designs with great functionality to suit every budget. Its team of design consultants and registered builders is committed to providing only the best.

To help you realize your dream kitchen, our dedicated project managers will make every effort to assess your needs and recommend appropriate design solutions. The project estimates provided are also comprehensive and will help you make an informed decision. You may be pleased to know that

Damco kitchens are manufactured in our state-of-the-art on-site factory using world-class machinery to produce a high-quality final product.

A&T Cabinet Manufacturer


Years of Experience: Over 40 Years

Over 40 Years in Business A&T Cabinet Makers is a family-owned business. We offer free measurements and quotes, as well as unique designs tailored to your kitchen area. A&T employs skilled craftspeople who manufacture on-site for the best possible results.

The cabinets produced by this business are all custom-made. Therefore, whether you are renovating or building a kitchen from scratch, you are assured of cabinets that will fit in your space and fulfill the needs of your household.

Further, while choosing a custom design can seem intimidating, this kitchen cabinet supplier makes it easy by providing consultants to help you at every stage and solutions like 3D virtual presentations to enable you to get a more tangible feel of your design choices.

AMj Joinery


Location: Sydney, Australia

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of experience: over 10 years

Certification: ISO Certified

AMj Joinery is a company that is known for building and designing quality kitchen cabinets using only the best materials and contemporary styles that complement your style and inspiration. Notably, the company takes on kitchen projects from scratch, renovations, and partial modifications.

For those who want to experience a luxury kitchen, with modern accessories and stylish touches, AMj Joinery provides a thorough description of the various benchtop and accessory options it offers. You can easily browse through them and pick which of them would be an ideal fit for your design goals.

A Plan Kitchens and Bathrooms


Location: Sydney, Australia

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of experience: Over 25 years

Certification: ISO Certified

With more than 25 years of expertise in Sydney designing and producing custom kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and wardrobes, the company is skilled at thinking out a design from the first joint in the cabinets to the finished aesthetic, including equipment. Better still, the company’s experts can customize its wide array of design options to suit almost any budget.

The consultation and ordering process is incredibly clear and customer-friendly. This includes practical solutions such as an online kitchen planner that you can download before your consultation and 3D visualizations so you can see what your design will look like.

Complete Kitchen


Location: Australia

Business Classification: Manufacturers and Suppliers

Year of establishment : 1978

Certification: ISO Certification

Custom cabinetry is a specialty of Complete Kitchens, especially kitchen remodeling. We start with design, estimate, plan, manufacture, and install. The company offers a wide range of materials, finishes and hardware to ensure you find something that fits your needs and budget.

The company prides itself on quality craftsmanship, based on decades of experience and a commitment to building quality kitchens. We offer a variety of kitchen and furniture styles to suit different tastes. These include, but are not limited to, traditional kitchens, outdoor kitchens, French regional cuisine, and modern kitchen styles.

services cover the needs of a variety of projects, including renovations, first builds, or direct factory purchases if you are looking for specific kitchen components such as countertops.

Farmers Kitchen


Location : Australia

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year Founded: 1975

Certification: ISO Certified

Farmers Kitchens has been supplying kitchen furniture to Australian and New Zealand consumers for 40 years. The company has developed unique colors and styles, especially in kitchen furniture, based on various consumer demands.

The numerous awards the company has received confirm that it is one of the best kitchen furniture manufacturers. But apart from its stunning cabinetry designs, Farmer’s Kitchen is also known for its commitment to eco-friendly technology.

If you value high-quality, eco-friendly furniture, this brand is for you. Design styles range from French rustic kitchens to industrial kitchens to modern contemporary kitchens.

CCW Kitchen Works


Location: Australia

Company Classification: Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers and Suppliers

Years of Experience Number: 30 Years of experience

-Certification: ISO Certified

One of Australia’s top award winning manufacturers and cabinet makers is CCW Cabinet Works. For over 30 years, CCW Cabinet Works has been known for providing quality, custom-designed kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for home renovations and new construction. The

CCW cabinet design portfolio offers a wide range of options to inspire your kitchen design journey. Thanks to the company’s expertise and customization options, it is equally possible to get the right cabinet in your preferred color and material.


The best kitchen is one with the ideal number of shelves, drawers, and cabinets. Experienced and reputable Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers know how important it is to create cabinets with a unique design and high-quality wood. OPPEIN Home will take care of these and other necessary tasks appropriately. Please contact us for more information.