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Transform Your Kitchen with Blue Kitchen Cabinets: A Timeless and Trendy Choice

Introduction to blue kitchen cabinets

As a home designer, I’m a firm believer that the kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where people cook, eat, share their problems, celebrate their victories, laugh, spend quality time with their loved ones, and make memories. So, kitchen design should be focused on creating a space that should not only be practical but also comply with the homeowner’s style and taste…Kitchen colour has always been a matter of debate. However, one colour that has gained much popularity in kitchen design is blue because blue kitchen cabinets can offer the best of both worlds as not only they are a timeless option but also a trendy choice.

dark blue and white shaker kitchen cabinets

We are talking today about blue kitchen cabinets, exploring the psychology of colour, the kitchen design potentials of blue, and the styles and finishes that are available. Maybe you are undertaking a full kitchen makeover. Or perhaps you are just on the lookout for simple box accessories to breathe some life into the kitchen. Either way, we hope you gain some useful insights and get a few ideas to make your kitchen more uniquely you, helping to enrich your living environment.

The psychology of color in kitchen design

modern blue and beige kitchen cabinets design
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Colour is intensely important to the look and feel of the space in which we find ourselves. What we feel can be affected by the colour around us, and just as sunlight on a cloudy day can improve our mood, so can painting a bedroom blue or green increase a good night’s sleep. In the kitchen, which we will be using for meals and, often, our livelihood, selecting the right combinations can stimulate appetite, energy and, indeed, ethical behaviour – even good cooking can benefit from the right colour scheme.

The cool and soothing shade helps convey stability, serenity and calm, characteristics well-suited to the heart of the home. Blue may also be useful in the kitchen because it puts listeners in a relaxed mood. A blue kitchen creates an ambience of easy-going, muted conviviality that garden-party guests may enjoy while being served mimosas. Blue is also the colour of clarity and cleanliness, qualities naturally enticing in a food-prep zone.

Why blue kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice

sky blue shaker kitchen cabinets with white countertop
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Trends come and go. The best ones stick around. Blue kitchen cabinets have been around for a while – and they have remained popular because they are, in fact, classic. Here’s why blue kitchen cabinets are a classic:

Versatility: Blue is a very versatile colour – blue spaces can work in almost all design styles, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, coastal or farmhouse.

Eternal appeal: Unlike some statement colours that wear it, blue also tends to be so enduring that it’s never quite dated enough that you end up wishing you’d redecorated. 

Resale value: as Malka points out, with ‘buy-to-live’ investors owning these new properties, colours such as blue that appeal to the widest market are better long-term investments for potential home-owners who are planning to resell their properties later. 

The versatility of blue in kitchen design

modern high gloss white and blue open kitchen cabinets design

This is perhaps the most exciting aspect of blue kitchen cabinets – that you can go for a shade of blue that does or does not fit into your personal style. There are so many shades of blue, from soft and slate to deep and vibrant, that you can totally customise your kitchen according to your own style.

Softer paler blues such as powder blue or a shade that can be described as baby blue can help calm the soul. These blue hues can help your kitchen feel chilled and very relaxed if you are someone who thinks that cooking is relaxing. Bright shades of blue such as navy or cobalt blue can be used to add a dash of drama to your kitchen, making it the focal point of your home.

Additionally, as blue goes well with countless colours such as white, grey, warm tones such as yellow or terracotta, you will be able to match your kitchen cabinets with your taste and personality by trying different colour combos and designs.

Blue kitchen cabinet styles and finishes

high end blue and white wood veneer shaker kitchen cabinets
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The list of options in blue kitchen cabinets is long and diverse. This extends from the cosy look of Shaker-style cabinetry to modern minimalist layouts.

Shaker-Style Cabinets: Utilitarian and handsome, the fuss-free design features a generous use of clean lines and an understated style overall. Play to their strength by painting them in a beautiful blue for a warm and inviting traditional or farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

Flat-Panel Cabinets: Flat-panel cabinets painted deep blue can update the look of  any kitchen to a contemporary, urban feel. They look great against stainless-steel appliances and other sleek, clean lines.

Distressed or Antiqued Finishes: For a more rugged or nostalgic look, opt for blue kitchen cabinetry with distressed or antiqued finishes. These can lend some charming country charm to your kitchen space, creating an inviting, livable environment with a sense of well-worn, well-loved character. 

High-gloss finishes: You might also opt for high-gloss kitchen cabinetry. High-gloss blue kitchen cabinets reflect light effectively, which gives your kitchen a slightly futuristic and edgy look. 

Glass-Front Cabinets: Use glass-front cabinets finished with a marine-inspired, blue finish. Display plates, wine glasses, or decorative pieces to elevate the space visually.


With so many blue kitchen cabinet options currently available, consider how the quiet and breezy hue of blue cabinets will appeal to you over time – and perhaps become the new ‘it’ colour for your kitchen remodel.

Aside from being gorgeous, blue kitchen cabinets are a practical and timeless choice that mixes and matches well with the rest of your home, whether you are matching with metals, wood or earth tones, or mixing and matching styles such as industrial, Scandi, country or mid-century modern. Blue kitchen cabinets can be as pale and subtle or vibrant and intense as you like, and can totally transform your kitchen area, adding style and expression to what is, for so many of us, the hub of the home. 

After all, the kitchen is a room where we cook, eat, entertain, spend time and form lasting memories, and where our personality is evident in its decor. Blue-painted kitchen cabinets bring a host of decorative possibilities to the table. Your kitchen would benefit from the energy, colour and versatility of blue kitchen cabinets.