OPPEIN Market Research in Australia and New Zealand



This project is located in the north of Melbourne, Australia.Through this visit, both of us want to seek this opportunityto cooperate with each other, now we are focusing on terms of payment…  View More


The exhibition hall is not what we expect, it is very small, within half a hour or one hour, you can visit most of the booth. The dining area occupied two-thirds of zone…View More Details


This stop, we came into the Mega Home Improvement Warehouse,where it is same to bunnings,they all sell buidling materials,like semi-manufatured goods.


This is kitchen cabinet product in the local place, and we found that doors were already faded. To us, there is a great chance for us to explore market.


It covers a small area of several square meters. Matched different drawer and handle on the cabinet, only having a set of kitchen cabinet.


They are now doing three connections and one leveling assuring that a construction site is connected to water and electric power supplies and roads, and that the ground is leveled before a project is begun. All the land is split into pieces, and then sold at different prices to developers, builders or left some to him for building homes.