Swanston Central Luxury Apartment


Type: Apartment

Address: Melbourne, Australia

Products: Kitchen joinery, closets, bathroom vanities

Quantity: 1048 Units

Swanston Central, located in Melbourne, Australia, stands out among the city’s skylines. The Swanston Central building provides excellent access to Melbourne’s public transport network, the CBD, Carlton restaurants, cafes, education, and medical facilities, as well as the commercial and retail districts. There are approximately 1,039 apartments built on 72 levels with stunning views to all points of the compass. The total area of the towers will exceed 2,000 square meters.

This was the second project we did with the builder. Based on our previous successes, they completely trusted us throughout this project. Sure enough, we would never disappoint our clients. Our Australian team communicated effectively with the project manager to confirm the final solution in a week and start production immediately. Having been supplied with 1048 cabinets, the building was finally completed with premium interiors imported from China.

Efficiency is critical, especially for large-scale projects. Thus, the primary purpose of our dedicated team is to make cooperation much smoother, providing 100% professional service to our clients. And we have received numerous thank-you notes for their professionalism in the past few years.