Modern Design Grey Wood Grain Kitchen Cabinet OP18-HPL01


Modern-Design-Grey-Wood-Grain-Kitchen-Cabinet-OP18-HPL01 (2)

Striated kitchen cabinet gives a sleek kitchen a sense of texture. Notice that the cabinetry is still warm even though a matte gray stain has been applied to the straight-grained.


Modern-Design-Grey-Wood-Grain-Kitchen-Cabinet-OP18-HPL01 (3)

Modern-Design-Grey-Wood-Grain-Kitchen-Cabinet-OP18-HPL01 (4)

Diamond-paneled glass. This designer style is all about subtlety. Use diamond-paneled glass as an alternative to color and texture if you’re looking for a way to add dimension to your cabinets.


Modern-Design-Grey-Wood-Grain-Kitchen-Cabinet-OP18-HPL01 (5)