Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The largest kitchen cabinet maker specializing in custom cabinets and residential, commercial building furnishing since 1999.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets


OPPEIN Home has provided custom kitchen cabinets and professional furnishing services to project developers, contractors, builders, and architects in Oceania since 1999.

Complex / development project / residential apartment / villa / skyscraper / townhouse / hotel and motel / dormitory

Australia commercial building project
Australia 108

Australia 108

Australia residential project
AURA Apartment

AURA Apartment

Australia modern building project
Swanton Central Apartment

Swanton Central Apartment


Oppein Home offers a comprehensive fit-out service that includes most interior furnishings necessary for residential and commercial construction.

Kitchen Cabinet | Wardrobe/ Closet | Interior Door | Bathroom Vanity |  Aluminum Door & Window | Quartz Slab 


AU Market Expert

Having been in the Australian market for 24 years, Oppein Home is your go-to partner for all your building furnishing needs.
  • 225 furnishing projects completed in AU
  • Working with top-rated local contractors
  • Local installation services nationwide
  • Highly Efficient Factory

    Oppein Home has 5 production sites that supply massive cabinets per day to guarantee a short lead time as a professional kitchen cabinet maker.
  • Produce 12,000 sets of cabinets & joineries / day
  • Only 4 - 6 weeks production time for bulk orders
  • 58 production lines & HOMAG manufacturing system
  • Strong Brand Recoginition

    As a leading kitchen cabinet maker in China and a famous furnishing brand throughout Asia, Oppein Home is developing its global presence for a higher level of recognition.
  • The largest cabinet manufacturer in Asia
  • 29 years of experience in the furniture industry
  • 128 countries export worldwide & 10,000+ worldwide projects accomplished
  • Customisation Capability

    Oppein custom kitchen cabinets and joinery can be made to meet the requirements of different projects, including materials, designs, and quantities.
  • 300 design experts to lead Australian home trends
  • 15 materials & 150 finishes & 10+ decor styles
  • Free design service: offering CAD & 3D rendering
  • One-stop Solution

    From concept to completion, intelligent manufacturing & CRM systems help you have an enjoyable experience purchasing Oppein products.
  • Providing design, budget consultation, R&D, quality control & after-sales support
  • Offering full-house furnishing products, including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes/walk-in closets, bathroom vanities, interior doors & windows, etc.
  • We follow the trends of the world interior design and bring them to reality.

    Oppein Product Catalogue outlines our latest innovations, project stories and services in detail. Request our catalogue and learn more about Oppein Home!


    A Successful Business Model Proven by 7,800+ Oppein Franchisees Worldwide

    Less Investment

    For franchisees, we offer average supply prices 20% lower than other furniture companies in the industry.

    Fast Growth

    Our well-established product supply system ensures unprecedented profits for our franchisees.

    Systematic Support

    From showroom set-up to marketing, we will help you at every stage of your business with a comprehensive training system.

    Exclusive Territory

    It is guaranteed that you will be the only OPPEIN franchisee (Retail or Wholesale) in your designated area.


    Oppein has provided avant-grade products to top-ranked local contractors, builders, and constructors for 24 years.